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Why you should be Concerned when the Elderly Fall

Seniors keep falling and this is always a major risk. You should help seniors around you avoid falling so that they can avoid all the negative repercussions. Seniors may die from falling and this is one of the greatest concerns. When people are getting old, they dont get enough support from their bones and muscles. They are also exposed to more damages. This may make the senior fall all the time. He will then be at a risk of getting various internal injuries.

There is need for change required and this is another reason why you should be concerned about elderly falls. You should check if a senior person is okay after they fall. If they are not okay, you should get them medical attention. They may be okay after they fall but they may be facing serious issues later. In this case, you should ensure that you make an adjustment to how your loved one is living. You should also be concerned about elderly falls because they often go unreported. This is because most of them usually occur at home and they dont want anyone to know. They are also not reported because they are afraid of being taken to living facilities. This is why you should emphasize on reporting because these falls may also lead to various complications.

Another reason you should be concerned about falling for seniors is that it may be attributed to serious diseases. There are diseases that cause seniors to fall like arthritis. This is why you should ensure that your loved gets a full body examination. This will give you a chance to eliminate the fact that your loved may be suffering from a serious illness. You will also start treatment before its too late. Broken bones in elderly people also take a long time to heal and this is another concern. The healing process with broken bones also takes longer. Sometimes the healing may not even take place. This may also reduce the quality of life of a person. Surgery is also helpful when it comes to healing of broken bones.

Chronic fatigue may also be the main cause of elderly falls and this should prompt you to be concerned. Most seniors sit in the same position all day. They dont experience any movement and this makes their muscles weak. It also leads to chronic fatigue which makes it hard for them to move around when they need to. Another reason why elderly falls should concern you is that complications caused by surgery are very common. If seniors dont heal from falling, they may need to undergo surgery. These surgeries are very complicated and this may lead to errors. Death is one of the risks that is posed by these surgeries.